information about pLacA92

Sanjeev Datar sdatar at FRED.FHCRC.ORG
Mon Jul 3 17:31:43 EST 1995

My name is Sanjeev Datar, and I am a graduate student in Bruce Edgar's 
lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, 
Washington. I am working with a P-element mutant from the Merriam 
collection,  and I have been trying to get some information on the  
P-element itself.  I was referred to you by Dr. Kathy Matthews from 
Bloomington, Indiana.  Do you happen to have any information which may 
be useful, such as sequence? II searched genbank but had no luck. The  
plasmid which carries the transposon P[lac,ry+]A is called pLacA92. Any  
help you could give would be greatly appreciated.  Look forward to 
hearing from you!  Thanks again.

Sanjeev Datar  sdatar at

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