EMS Mutations in 22F-23B

Troy Littleton tlitt at neurs.cephalo.bcm.tmc.edu
Sun Jul 9 14:52:07 EST 1995

To all interested persons,

I am cleaning up my stock collections and will be tossing a number of
mutations mapping to left arm of the second chromosome at 22F-23B and
uncovered by Df(2L)DTD2.  These have been described in Genetics 138:111-123
(1994).  I will send the most severe allele of each of the 13
complementation groups to the Bowling Green Stock Center. All of the
synaptotagmin alleles will be kept in the lab.  If anyone is working in
this region and wants any of the alleles that have been described in the
paper, please let me know or else they will be tossed.

Troy Littleton

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