Dave Barry's Column of 7/8/95

Mark D. Garfinkel mg16 at kimbark.uchicago.edu
Wed Jul 12 10:06:14 EST 1995

In article <3u0m53$9ol at panix2.panix.com>,
John Reinitz <reinitz at panix.com> wrote:

>I thought 
>it only proper to cross-post Eric's statement to alt.fan.dave_barry,
>with followups set to alt.fan.dave_barry, bionet.drosophila,
>ans sci.bio.entomology.misc. 
>I am sure the resulting discussion will provide a valuable
>opportunity for people in this group to explain the
>importance of basic research to the general public.
	USENET readership is "the general public"? That's news to me.

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