Recombination near telomeres

Jeff 'Newt' Sekelsky jjsekelsky at UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Jul 12 12:19:58 EST 1995

(James J. Campanella) wrote:
>Dear Drosophila researchers, 
>I have a quick question. Do drosophila have 
>increased levels of recombination for
>markers near telomeres as in other higher 
>organisms? I have searched the literature 
>for an answer to that question without much 
>luck.If you've got a reference,that would be 
>even better. Thanks a lot. 

If by recombination you mean exchange, then the answer is yes. The
distribution of exchanges in Drosophila females is such that the highest
levels observed in the middle of each major arm.  For example, the total
genetic distance across divisions 1 and 2 (the tip of the X) is about 0.5
map units each; across 10 and 11 (the middle of the X is about 5 map units
each; across 19 and 20 (the base of the X, near the centromere) is about
one map unit each.  Along the arms of 2 and 3, there is a less pronounced
decrease distally, but a more severe decrease proximally.

See Hawley et al. (Annu. Rev. Genet. 27: 281-317; 1993) for a more
thorough discussion of the factors affecting exchange distibution and

Jeff Sekelsky
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