Group Leader Position, Genetics, Cologne

Maria Leptin mleptin at
Tue Jul 25 07:29:00 EST 1995

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (SFB 243; Molecular Analysis of the
Development of Cellular Systems) will be funding a position for a

Group Leader 
in Cell, Developmental or Molecular Biology.

to be held at the University of Cologne 

Candidates with several years of postdoctoral experience wishing to
establish their own research group in one of the above fields, preferably
using genetic methods, will be provided with space for a group of up to
five researchers located at the Institute of Genetics. The position will be
limited to five years; the salary will be at the BAT Ib level (around 80
000 DM p.a. according to age, dependents etc.). Funding will be available
for running costs, salaries for a technician and up to two graduate

Applications as well as letters of recommendation from at least two
referees should be sent to:

Prof. K. Rajewsky
Sprecher des SFB 243 
Institut fŸr Genetik
Weyertal 121
D-50931 Kšln

Closing date for receipt of applications is August 31.

Further information can be obtained from Maria Leptin, fax +49-221-4705264

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