Fluorescent In-Situs

Eric Spana e-spana at uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 1 20:36:36 EST 1995

Hello out there-I've been looking for a protocol to do in situ 
hybridizations to fly embryos using a fluorescent signal and confocal 
detection.  I've always been taught that the signals from an AP 
secondary are stronger than HRP which in turn is stronger than 
fluorescence.  I think this fact/rumor refered to typical fluorescence 
though, not confocal laser detection and nobody every mentions what 
fluore (FITC, RITC or Cy5).  I do presume that this is correct since 
everyone always does their in situs with AP even though the HRP product 
is more "photogenic".  So the question is-will fluorescent in situs 

Thanks in advance,
Eric Spana
e-spana at uiuc.edu

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