orthophosphate labelling SL2 cells

Simon Kidd kidd at rockyj.rockefeller.edu
Sun Jun 4 12:10:58 EST 1995

In article <1995Jun2.143128.29063 at alw.nih.gov>, rchun at helix.nih.gov (Rene
Franz Chun) wrote:

> I'm looking into labeling a phosphoprotein in our drosophila
> SL2 cells.  I found a Gibco serum free media w/ met and cys
> omited which should work for our 35S labelings.  But didn't
> see a phosphate free medium?  
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

You could always make up phosphate free M3 media and suppliment it with
dialysed serum. Worked for me.

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