drosophila species wanted

ROBERT BUTCHER rdjbutcher at biolsci.dundee.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 12:21:36 EST 1995

Greetings fellow drosophilians,
	I am on the scrounge!
	Does anyone have a culture of the following specie(s) some of 
which that they would be willing to send on to me; or know of any likely 
sources etc.:-

	D. pseudoobscura
	D. obscura
	D. parthenogenetica
	D. mercatorum

It doesnt matter, for each species, whether if they are "wild type" or a 
characterised mutant. However,ideally two distinct phenotypes (e.g. wildtype 
and one dominant marker) would be great.

	Thanks for reading this and your time, and i hope you can help.

Happy culturing

Robert Butcher
Department of Biological Sciences
Dundee University
r.d.j.butcher at dundee.ac.uk
(within the UK:- 01382-344756)

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