cytological region 5C to 6A

Vef, Olaf ovef at
Fri Jun 23 11:47:01 EST 1995

I'm looking for Duplications or Transpositions in the cytological region 5C
to 6A. So far, I only got the Dp(1;f)q2 (or T(1;y)b36), but I don't know
the exact genotyp of this stock (FM7/T(1;y)b36 B(S) y y(-)). Unfortunatly,
I don't know, whitch chomosom is yellow (+) and whitch chromosom is y(-) in
the male genotyp. My crossing show also, that there is a white (+) gen
anywere in the genom.  I would be very greatful, if anybody could help me. 

Olaf Vef

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