Post-doctoral position on insect transgenesis

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Sun Mar 5 19:34:51 EST 1995

                       POST-DOCTORAL POSITION.

One postdoctoral position for two to three years is open at the Insect 
Molecular Genetics Group of the Institute of Molecular Biology and 
Biotechnology (IMBB) in Heraklion, Crete. The position is funded by the 
MacArthur Foundation Network on the Biology of Parasite Vectors and is open 
to European and non-European candidates.

The fellow will participate in an ongoing program to develop tools for 
germline transformation of insects of health and economic importance. 
The project aims at understanding the mechanism and regulation of jumping 
of the transposon Minos in the germline of Drosophila melanogaster, and at 
engineering appropriate plasmid vectors for germline transformation of the 
Medfly and mosquitoes. 

Applicants should send (by email, fax, or express mail) their CV and the 
names, addresses and fax numbers of two referees to:

	Babis Savakis
	PO Box 1527
	Heraklion 711 10, Crete
	Fax:   +30-81-231-308
	email: savakis at

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