laminin in cell culture

Roger Jacobs jacobsr at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Tue May 2 10:31:13 EST 1995

95-05-02, E.M. Rushton queried:

> Does
>anyone know whether laminin coated coverslips make any improvement to muscle
>cells in culture (I am intending to use serum in the medium as well).  Also,
>can one buy Drosophila laminin, or will commercially-available mouse 
>laminin do?  Or will the peptide CDPGYIGSR do? 

In mixed cell culture I've had no luck with commercial rat or mouse
laminin. I've had better results with RGD rich substrates, including
matrigel. Also, don't discount poly-L-lysine as a useful option -
especially for short term cultures. I'd like a commercial source of
Drosophila LN too - but I haven't got my hopes up on that one. 
 (Also, see Methods in Cell Biology 44:249 and 320 ->I've not tried
vertebrate vitronectin yet).

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