tags for embryos

Mitch Dushay mitch at STRIX.MOLBIO.SU.SE
Wed Nov 1 07:17:46 EST 1995

Tim from the Hartenstein lab wrote:
>I've heard that the myc epitope gives very weak/no embryonic staining.
>Has anyone used the hemaglutinin tag or the FlagTech tag or something
>else and gotten good results?

I tried emailing him directly, but was not successful, so I'll address
the whole fly community directly.  Could this discussion be kept open so
we can all benefit?
I also would like to put tagged constructs into flies and check embryonic
expression.  I've got constructs tagged with hexahistidine, hemagglutinin,
and HSV - does anyone have any experience (+) or (-) with these antigens
in embryos?
Many thanks.
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