FlyBase Update

FlyBase Project Members flybase at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Nov 1 11:59:36 EST 1995

FlyBase update.

The following files have been added or updated on the FlyBase
server at, or are available thru


The first two files are tables of gene and aberration synonyms. The
aberrations/aberrations-synonyms.txt is a new file and we are aware that
it is less than perfect (see flybase/docs/synonyms.doc).

transposons.txt is a table of Drosophila transposons and vectors.

function.txt is a sort of FlyBase gene symbols by gene function.

external-databases.txt is a file aimed at administrators of other
genetic or genomic databases who wish to update their links
to genes, alleles and aberrations in FlyBase
(see flybase/docs/external-databases.doc).

In addition a newly formatted version of
flybase/docs/controlled-vocabularies.txt has been released. This
version attempts a hierarchical structure of the data, indicated by
different levels of indentation. This can be converted into a
'pretty' file lacking the FlyBase line names by the following

For every line that does not begin with the ! character delete
all of the non space characters until, but not including, the
first space character; then deleted exactly seven (7) space characters.

This will give a hierarchy with zero identation for the top level.

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