FW: tags for embryos

Helen Benes hbenes at BIOMED.UAMS.EDU
Sat Nov 4 13:13:40 EST 1995

In the context of these current messages, I am pretty sure that GFP as a 
tag, possibly of a different sort than what Mitch Dushay is needing.  I am 
particularly interested in tags to be used in larval and pupal stages to 
trace the fate of specific proteins.  Does anyone have any information to 
share?  Please do keep this discussion open.

Thanks a lot.

Helen Benes
hbenes at biomed.uams.edu
To: dros
Subject: tags for embryos
Date: Wednesday, November 01, 1995 4:17AM

Tim from the Hartenstein lab wrote:
>I've heard that the myc epitope gives very weak/no embryonic staining.
>Has anyone used the hemaglutinin tag or the FlagTech tag or something
>else and gotten good results?

I tried emailing him directly, but was not successful, so I'll address
the whole fly community directly.  Could this discussion be kept open so
we can all benefit?
I also would like to put tagged constructs into flies and check embryonic
expression.  I've got constructs tagged with hexahistidine, hemagglutinin,
and HSV - does anyone have any experience (+) or (-) with these antigens
in embryos?
Many thanks.
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