Tell me how to prepare the 25kb plasmid DNA

Marc Champagne Marc_Champagne at
Tue Nov 7 19:14:21 EST 1995

In article <47eluc$5o0 at>, () wrote:

>    Hello, 
>    My name is Dongkook Park, graduate student of Seoul National
> Student and I'm studying the molecular genetics of Drosphila
> melanogaster.
>    BTW, I have the obstacle to prepare the transposon plasmid for
> transformation.
>   I have subcloned 15kb DNA fragment at the pCaSpeR vector.
>   So, I confirmed the clone through  mini prep.
>  But, I does not  prepare the more amount of it by medium prep.
>   Please, mail me how to prepare the large size DNA prep 
>   whoever knows the tip.
>   My address is followed;
>      dkpark at

Did you use the Promega wizard mini-preps?  If so, I know that their silica
matrix sticks so much to the DNA that >20kb DNA won't get eluted.  You might
want to check for a homemade prep (see Maniatis).

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