Fruitfly infestation

Zeev Lev zlev at
Thu Nov 9 01:18:24 EST 1995

>Within the last two weeks or so, fruitflies (I assume) have appeared in 
>our house, mostly in the kitchen but no room is unaffected, and they seem 
>to be multiplying. I have removed all obvious sources of food - bowls of 
>fruit, etc. This doesn't seem to have helped.

What you are encountering is another example of the so-called Murphy`s Law.
These fruitflies are multiplying because you are trying to get rid of them.
Accumulating evidence suggests that you cannot fight the consequences of
this Law. However, you may try to exploit it for your own needs. For
example, try to give them bottles with specially-designed-fruitfly-food,
then balance them, cross them, give them funny names, etc. My prediction is
that they will get sick, covered with mites, and soon you will need an
account in a Drosophila Stock Center in order to refresh your collection!...

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