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Mon Nov 13 13:11:25 EST 1995

Mary Ellen,
Speaking as one who developed allegies to Drosophila, I found that there 
was no simple way other than drugs to deal with it.  Masks didn't work, 
constant handwashing didn't work.  Using ether over CO2 doesn't work.  

The test I did was to take all of the materials related to fly work, 
from cotton, rayon to yeast and media. Smeared it on my arm and did a 
skin prick.  You will know which one gives you the allergic reaction.  
For the fly, I took an adult fly, wash the dickens out of it, smashed 
it on my arm, did the skin prick, and boom, mosquito bite city.  I was 
also has a reation to the yeast in paste form (this has never been a 
problem with baking or eating yeast products).

I chose to use the prescription drug Seldane (terfanidine).  It worked 
well, without side effects like drowsiness.  

During my graduate school days there were two of us who were allergic in 
the lab.  For me the allergy tended to be pretty stable.


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