Marcel Amichot amichot at antibes.inra.fr
Wed Nov 15 09:01:38 EST 1995

We are prospecting the induction of the expression of cytochrome P450 genes
by chemicals. We are currently using Actin 5C probe to normalize our
results. The problem is that Actin 5C and cytochrome P450 messengers have
the same size.
I am looking for a probe (or a sequence) specific for a gene constitutively
expressed at a constant level in adults. The messenger should be smaller
than 1 kb. I was thinking for instance to rp21 (a gene encoding a ribosomal
protein). Is it a good candidate for this purpose? Where can I get a clone?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Marcel Amichot
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Laboratoire de Biologie des Invertebres
123 bd Meilland BP 2078
06606 Antibes cedex
amichot at antibes.inra.fr

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