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Thu Nov 23 07:23:30 EST 1995

Dear all,

displaying a poster on a meeting for a few hours only is not very
satisfying. Flybrain provides the possibility to present your posters on
the neurobiology of Drosophila in the WWW.
Submission of poster data is to Freiburg (see possible procedures below),
but data from here are transferred to all Flybrain mirror sites. With the
search function you can look for key words. While posters can be withdrawn
by authors, their exhibition time is not limited by Flybrain.

We will accept all data related to the neurobiology of Drosophila. Authors
have to give their full address. Updating of entries is possible.

The status of data will be similar to that presented on posters at a
meeting. They will be given an accession number and are citable as personal
communication after contacting the authors. 

Suggestions for poster format and submission:

In case a published abstract containing an introduction and conclusions
does not yet exist, we suggest the following poster format: 

       Title, authors, addresses 
       Introduction (scientific background, questions) 
       Materials and methods 
              List of links to in line thumbnails with figure legends. 
                    Fig.1 .... 
                    Fig.2 .... 

View the examples in Flybrain under the following URLs (choose the one
nearest to your place):


Poster submission to the Freiburg site can be as follows:

by snail mail to:

K.-F. Fischbach
Institut fuer Biologie III
D-79104 Freiburg

We are willing to scan hard copies and normal text and do accept discs
(with normal text, if you want us to format it for HTML).

as email-attachement to:

kff at

We would also download your data from a www- or ftp-server if you wish
(this would be most convenient, of course).
A completely automated comment attachement to posters as well as a
www-interface for data input are presently being programmed. You should,
however, not wait for its completion to consider poster input.

Hoping for input,

yours Karl-Friedrich Fischbach


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