[bio.dros] Science Fair Experiment

Zoltan ASZTALOS asztalos at fly.erato.jrdc.go.jp
Thu Nov 23 20:42:48 EST 1995

Dear Partha,

You do not have to go too far for finding someone working on the effect of
alcohol on Drosophila. Carol M. Singh, Alvin Y. Luk and Ulrike Heberlein
presented a poster and a lecture on this topic recently in the Neurobiology
of Drosophila meeting at Cold Spring Harbor. The title was: Drosophila as a
model system for alcoholism?. Their address is: Gallo Center and Department
of Neurology, Univ. California at San Francisco, San Francisco General
Hospital, San Francisco, CA 94110 (seems a bit confusing to me).

Good luck, 

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