FlyBase transposons and cloning constructs

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Mon Oct 2 14:15:11 EST 1995

FlyBase SymbolSearch on the WWW

FlyBase is pleased to announce an enhancement to the SymbolSearch page
accessible through our Web server: "transposon" and "cloning construct"
classes have been added to the existing "gene" and "aberration" searches.
A limited number of transposons and constructs (mostly plasmid vectors)
have been curated thus far; preference has been given to transposons that 
are present in stocks maintained at the Bloomington Stock Center and 
related constructs.  Data that can be obtained include text reports 
describing the constructs or transposons, maps of these entities, and
sequence information, captured either through direct author submissions 
to Genbank, or through reconstructions by FlyBase curators from the 
literature.  FlyBase hopes that the community will provide feedback on
the structure of these reports.  We also encourage the community 
to bring any errors or new information on these constructs to our 
attention.  Please use these reports as models for the types of information 
on constructs and transposons that we hope to obtain.  We encourage you to 
submit such information to us.  Such submissions will be cited as personal
communications to FlyBase and these communications will be archived for
public access by FlyBase. Submit any errors or new information to:

 flybase-updates at

Exploring the New SymbolSearch data classes

After selecting either "Transposon" or "Construct" on the SymbolSearch
page, you may wish to view the entire list by inserting a wildcard
asterisk (*) in the "Search for" field; please make sure you do not
have "Gene" or "Aberration" selected or you may be in for a very long
wait!  The search results will show you the type of syntax used for
the transposon and construct symbols.  For more detailed information,
click on the "Help on SymbolSearch" icon.

A majority of the transposons and constructs in the database have
three types of reports available:

   - text reports, providing information describing the use or purpose
     of the construct, along with hyperlinks to relevant sequence
     database entries, references, and related constructs.

   - map reports, providing simple graphical maps of the constructs,
     divided into component segments and junctions; the map report also
     includes a hierarchical listing of the DNA segments that make up the

   - sequence reports, providing a view of the relevant sequence
     database entry or the FlyBase-compiled sequence, which includes a
     description of hyperlinked component segments.

We will be developing other query tools to access different classes
of transposons or constructs, such as reporter genes, or all constructs
that are ry[+], etc.  Any suggestions about classes of searches you
would like to see implemented in FlyBase are always welcome.

To get to the SymbolSearch page, select SymbolSearch on the page that
comes up when you select FlyBase Data Access on the main home page.

The FlyBase home page is located at:

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