free glass fly bottles

Mary Beth Davis davism at
Tue Oct 3 06:24:01 EST 1995

   My laboratory has decided to use disposable plastic bottles and vials
for maintaining our fly cultures thus we no longer need our glass bottles
and vials.  We have approximately 650 - 700 Sunbrokers glass Drosophila
bottles and 1000 - 2000 6 dram glass vials that we are willing to give
away to anyone who wants to come and get them.  We are at the University
of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  These materials will be
given to the first person to respond to this notice by sending either
email or a fax to one of my postdocs at the address below:

   reply to :  Mary Beth Davis
   email:   davism at
    fax:    215-573-7149


Charles P. Emerson

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