Any Delta 2-3 on 2nd Chromosome

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>I sent this message last week, and haven't heard from anyone.
	Um, I try to stay current with bionet.drosophila & didn't see
anything. But that may mean my site's expire time is shorter than the
interval since my last reading of the newsgroup. If you *really* want
to check whether your earlier post got out, wander into FlyBase & read
the archive.

>Is it 
>possible that there no "Delta 2-3 on the second chromosome" stock is 
	Remember that what makes "delta 2-3 (99B)" so useful is that the
P element is "inexplicably" stuck there, so that tracing the dominant
visible markers allows virtual 100% certainty of knowing whether delta 2-3
is present.

	Someone wanting to do the community (or at least Helen) a service
would make a delta 2-3 derivative in which one of the P ends is crippled,
and the element hopped onto each chromosome (and/or each arm) with Hobo-
mediated germline transformation. It's obvious enough how.

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