Any Delta 2-3 on 2nd Chromosome

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Fri Oct 6 14:09:01 EST 1995

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> I sent this message last week, and haven't heard from anyone.  Is it 
> possible that there no "Delta 2-3 on the second chromosome" stock is 
> available?  Or is my message not reaching the Drosophila community?  Could 
> someone please just respond so that I know that I am being read?  Thanks!
> In my lab we are trying to apply P element local hopping to mutagenesis of 
> the Drosophila Lsp-2 gene at 68E3,4.  We are starting with a P[w+] element 
> at 68E1 and so far (2000 F2 males screened by PCR) have no success.  We 
> estimate that the original element is about 135 kb from our target.  We are 
> using as a source of transposase, a Delta 2-3 on the third chromosome, a TM3 
> Sb.  As we consider altering our strategy, we're looking for a source of P 
> element transposase on the first or second chromosome.  If anyone has such 
> stocks, please contact me.  Also if anyone (out there) is willing to share 
> their favorite local hopping protocol and experience (e.g., distance between 
> original P element and target) with us, we would be most grateful.
> Helen Benes
> Department of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
> University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Slot 516
> 4301 West Markham St.
> Little Rock, AR 72205

Hello Helen,

	it might be possible to simplify the screen, if you have a lethal jump out
of the enhancer-trap line you started with. In this way you can eliminate
all of the lethal insertion which are in the very vicinity of the original
site. That makes the screen for insertions , which are 135kb away, more
	Just cross the delta2-3/p-element flies with jump-out/balancer and collect
red eyed flies in the next generation. (The tester-strain has to be in a
white background.)
	Another point is , that the distance between original insertion site and
new site is bigger, when female delta2-3/p-element are used.

I hope this was some help for you. 


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