Chromosome pictures

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Fri Oct 6 14:05:18 EST 1995

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> > We are looking for scanned in pictures of Drosophila polytene chromosomes
> > others than the one on the Flybase-disc.
> > Thanks in advance for any help
> > Thomas & Thomas
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> What do you want?  I have polytenes stained with DAPI, immunofluorescence,
> Phase contrast, etc, and from non-melanogaster species as well.  What
> resolution and type of image do you need?
> Jim Bone

Hello Jim,

	thanks for your reply.
We would like to obtain maps of D.melanogaster chromosomes, because we
plain to draw maps on the computer for the presentation of a deficiency
sreen. In principle we could use the maps found in Lindsley&Zimm, but
unfortunatly we have no scanner. Do you have these or similiar pictures as
a computer image?

Thanks again

Thomas & Thomas.

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