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Thu Oct 12 07:26:41 EST 1995

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Alan C. Christensen, Ph.D. <achristensen at CRCVMS.UNL.EDU> wrote:
>I hate to use up band width with this message, but to anyone who was
>annoyed with the messages from foshay at (foshay elena m),
>the way to respond is not by posting here to the drosophila group. [...]
	It's funny you say this because, in the newspool for
bionet.drosphila, I didn't see any followups relating to the offending
messages. But I agree; followups don't serve a purpose; mail to
root at host.domain and/or postmaster at host.domain, however, usually will
elicit corrective action.

	In this case, foshay at ux5 sent three commercial-type posts to *all*
of Usenet, so far as I could tell. Indeed, this was done twice within about
three hours the morning of Tuesday 10 October 1995, so the "spamming," as
it is called, hadn't even been done well. I sent e-mail to root, postmaster,
and foshay; e-mail to foshay bounced due to the mail-queue being over-quota
(LOTS of people were upset apparently). System administration @ux5
cancelled the offending posts, and they were gone from the
newspool by Wednesday morning.

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