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Ian A. Boussy iboussy at
Thu Oct 12 13:34:16 EST 1995

Mark & Alan,

Thanks for all of us for letting the UofI people know what was going on.
I want to point out, however, that  it is highly likely that Elena Foshay actually 
had no knowledge that her address was being used. I have seen similar
 "spams" with the same mail-order address in Scottsdale but with another 
email address at a different institution. One was an internet-access-provider
 company, whose director's email address was being used without his permission.

This all is very similar to the "Crusader" diatribe that many people
received a few weeks ago, a racist neo-nazi tract that was posted via
(not from) sites in Strasbourg and Italy. The tract probably originated
in the US, and there is a group that calls itself the Aryan Crusaders that has
a WWW site.

I hope that the Scottsdale outfit can be shut down somehow.   The "essays
for sale" spam was extremely irritating to all of us who have to deal with
students, and whose university's policies on academic integrity are
being directly challenged by it.

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