need help!

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Tue Oct 17 01:12:58 EST 1995

 Ladies and gentlemen,

 I'm doing some experiments with Drosophila melanogaster strains.
  I want to map a chromosome, induce
 a mutation, write an article about this stuff.
 In this moment I have no access to bionet.drosophila, so I can't get
 any echo-mail, and write. So, please get in contact over
 e- mail:    Marcel.Borreda at
 If somebody is related to this subject,
 it would be a great pleasure for me
 to get in contact with her/ him.

 With best regards,

 Marcel Borreda.

I'm also searching for WWW-pages, C-sourcecode or an Atari ST
Programm, which regards crossing over; i.g. can replace living flies.

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