Need New Ideas for Experiments.

Lauryl Maiya J Nutter lmjnutte at
Thu Oct 19 20:01:16 EST 1995

Charles A. Eckert (ceckert at wrote:
: We are high school biology students looking for experiments we 
: can perform for a project.  We need simple projects, due to 
: the fact that we do not have the technology to extract and 
: analyze DNA.  Please send your ideas.
How about a simple genetic cross showing Mendelian segregation of
traits.  You could even include a cross that would demonstrate
the differences in inheritance of sex-linked vs. autosomal
traits.  It may be possible to obtain suitable Drosophila strains
for such crosses (and help with their ultimate design) from your
local University biology department.

Lauryl Nutter
University of Calgary
lmjnutte at

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