What E.coli strain should I use?

Lauryl Maiya J Nutter lmjnutte at acs5.acs.ucalgary.ca
Fri Oct 20 10:52:53 EST 1995

Ashok Mudgapalli (ashok at LAMAR.COLOSTATE.EDU) wrote:
: Dear Netters
: 	I know lot of labs are using CaSpeR as a transformation vector 
: with their DNA fragment in it. I would greatly appreciate if some body 
: could give me the details of their ligation protocol and the strains of 
: the E.Coli used for successful transformation. 

I have been using DH10B cells for electroporation with pCaSpeR-hs
(very similar to pCaSpeR but with hsp70 sequences present
divergent from white) after standard ligation protocols of my
insert downstream from the hsp70 promoter sequence.  For
electroporation I have been using 40 uL of cells with 0.2 cm gap.

Hope this helps.

Lauryl Nutter
lmjnutte at acs.ucalgary.ca

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