How do flies land on the ceiling ?

Jean-Michel Friedt jmfriedt at
Sat Oct 21 14:24:44 EST 1995

Im sorry do disturb you, im not even sure if these are the right newsgroups
to ask this :
I have been looking for quite a while now at how flies land on the ceiling.
I mean flies fly head up but land on the ceiling with their head toward the 
floor ... I've been wondering how they turn around from the head-up position
to the head down position (no I am NOT crazy, i am just a physicist :). 
So what i am looking for would be a movie/video/pictures of flying insects 
landing in positions as different as possible from their flying position. 
I would be very happy if someone can answer me, and excuse me for my bad
english. Thank you, Jean-Michel FRIEDT.

Jean-Michel FRIEDT jmfriedt at

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