Need New Ideas for Experiments.

Ajay Srivastava ajays at
Mon Oct 23 23:28:37 EST 1995

Hi Charles!

There are a lot of things that you can do and you definitely don't need 
to extract DNA.
If you are familiar with Natural Selection then you can go about doing 
an expt which will take a couple of months to do and prove to you that 
natural selection does happen.

You can take red eyed (wild type flies) and white eyed males in a ratio 
of 1:1 and allow them to mate to white eyed females. If you culture the 
flies over a couple of generations you will see a reduction in the 
number of white eyed offsprings that is to say that you will be seeing 
way more red flies than white eyed flies. You can explain this as the 
females preference to mate with red eyed flies over white eyed flies.

This then tells you that red eyes are better suited to survive in nature 
than white eyed flies and that natural selection selects for red eyes.

If you want to do something simpler then you can demonstrate that red 
eyes are dominant to white eyes by taking pure breeding red eyed flies 
and crossing them to pure breeding white eyed flies. If red indeed is 
the dominant trait then you will get all offsprings with red eyes.

Hope this will be of help to you do not hesitate incase you want more 

Good luck,

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