painting drosophila

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Wed Oct 25 12:56:39 EST 1995

In article <9509188140.AA814037274 at>, LDMUELLE at UCI.EDU
("Laurence D. MUELLER") wrote:

>    I am not an artist but rather am interested to hear if anyone has
>    had success permanantly marking individual flies with paint or
>    some other substance.  My goal is ultimately study age-structure
>    in laboratory populations.  My initial tests with water soluble
>    acrylic paint have failed because the paints wear off on many
>    flies within a week.

I have no references to hand, I'm afraid, but I've read about a number of
capture-recapture studies in the field which use fluorescent dust (?) or
paint. A search in FlyBase should give you what you need to know. If you
can't find anything, let me know and I'll try and dig up some references.

Chris Jones (jonesc at

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