TE stocks to be discarded

Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Fri Oct 27 14:40:34 EST 1995

Stocks carrying TE{} transposable elements will be removed from
the Bloomington Stock Center at the end of November.  A
representative set of these stocks has been placed with the Umea
Stock Center and will be maintained there.  A complete list of
the TE{} stocks to be removed from Bloomington follows.  If you
want to receive any of these stocks before we discard them please
order them now.   

     Stk #   Genotype                           Site
     ------  ---------------------------------  ----------
      P2260  TE{w[+] rst[+]}90                  021F-022A
      P2261  TE{w[+] rst[+]}55                  022A03-05
      P2263  TE{w[+] rst[+] al[+]}57            022B02-04
      P2262  TE{w[+] rst[+]}114                 022B03-05
      P2264  TE{w[+] rst[+]}56                  022B05-07
      P2265  TE{w[+] rst[+]}155                 023B-C
      P2266  TE{w[+] rst[+]}52                  023C-D
      P2267  TE{w[+] rst[+]}197                 023D
        P79  TE{w[a] rst[+]}17                  024D
      P2268  TE{w[+] rst[+]}152                 025A01-03
      P2269  TE{w[+] rst[+]}62                  028A
      P2270  TE{w[a] rst[+]}49                  028C
      P2271  TE{w[+] rst[+]}177                 028D03-05
      P2272  TE{w[+] rst[+]}109                 029A03-05
      P2274  TE{w[+] rst[+]}35                  029F02-05
      P2275  TE{w[a] rst[+]}16/In(2L)Cy         030C07-09
      P2276  TE{w[+] rst[+]}164                 032F-033A
      P2277  TE{w[+] rst[+]}59                  034A-B
      P2278  TE{w[+] rst[+]}248                 034C-D
      P2279  TE{w[+] rst[+]}146                 035B01-02
      P2280  TE{w[+] rst[+]}36/In(2L)Cy         035B07-C01
      P2281  TE{w[+] rst[+]}172                 036C
      P2282  TE{w[+] rst[+]}37/In(2L)Cy         036D
        P99  TE{w[+] rst[+]}42                  037C04
      P2283  TE{w[+] rst[+]}188                 038A
      P2284  TE{w[+] rst[+]}48                  038A-B
      P2285  TE{w[+] rst[+]}261                 038B
      P2286  TE{w[+] rst[+]}191                 039B
      P2287  TE{w[+] rst[+]}73                  042B
      P2289  TE{w[+] rst[+]}211                 042E
      P2288  TE{w[a] rst[+]}123                 042E04-06
       P101  TE{w[+] rst[+]}53                  043D06-E03
      P2291  TE{w[+] rst[+]}221                 044C03-04
      P2292  TE{w[+] rst[+]}64/In(2L)Cy or SM5  045B04-09
      P2293  TE{w[+] rst[+]}222                 045C04-06
        P85  TE{w[a] rst[+]}1/In(2L)Cy          045F08
      P2295  TE{w[+] rst[+]}65                  047B
      P2294  TE{w[+] rst[+]}58                  047B04-07
      P2296  TE{w[a] rst[+]}96                  047C
      P2299  TE{w[+] rst[+]}110                 050D
      P2300  TE{w[+] rst[+]}176                 052F07-11
      P2301  TE{w[+] rst[+]}187                 054B01-02
      P2302  TE{w[+] rst[+]}45                  054B14-18
      P2303  TE{w[a] rst[+]}279                 055E
      P2304  TE{w[+] rst[+]}124                 056B
      P2305  TE{w[+] rst[+]}245                 056B
      P2306  TE{w[+] rst[+]}232                 056F01-06
      P2307  TE{w[+] rst[+]}33/In(2L)Cy         057E
      P2308  TE{w[+] rst[+]}47                  060A-B
      P2309  TE{w[+] rst[+]}249                 060D06-07
       P359  TE{w[+] rst[+]}244                 061D
       P544  TE{w[a] rst[+]}51                  061D
       P350  TE{w[+] rst[+]}159                 062D07
       P540  TE{w[+] rst[+]}121                 063D
       P468  TE{w[+] rst[+]}257                 063E
       P472  TE{w[+] rst[+]}22                  064D
       P400  TE{w[+] rst[+]}255                 065B
       P543  TE{w[a] rst[+]}40                  065C
       P355  TE{w[+] rst[+]}217                 066B01-08
       P341  TE{w[+] rst[+]}200                 066B02-06
       P179  TE{w[a] rst[+]}31                  067E
       P474  TE{w[+] rst[+]}32                  069A04-05
       P476  TE{w[+] rst[+]}38                  070F03-04
       P119  TE{w[a] rst[+]}24                  071C
       P467  TE{w[+] rst[+]}256                 072A01-02
       P237  TE{w[+] rst[+]}43                  073C
       P351  TE{w[+] rst[+]}170                 073F
       P117  TE{w[a] rst[+]}3                   075B12-13
       P118  TE{w[a] rst[+]}4                   076E-F
       P343  TE{w[+] rst[+]}44                  077A
       P353  TE{w[+] rst[+]}181                 077A
       P471  TE{w[+] rst[+]}115                 082F
       P473  TE{w[+] rst[+]}27                  086A
       P539  TE{w[+] rst[+]}106                 086D
       P159  TE{w[a] rst[+]}28                  086E16-20
       P352  TE{w[+] rst[+]}180                 087A05-06
       P199  TE{w[+] rst[+]}39                  088A
       P346  TE{w[+] rst[+]}125                 088A05-12
       P475  TE{w[+] rst[+]}34                  088B
       P348  TE{w[+] rst[+]}138                 088C-D
       P239  TE{w[+] rst[+]}199                 088D
       P358  TE{w[+] rst[+]}240                 091A
       P186  TE{w[a] rst[+]}70                  091E
       P345  TE{w[+] rst[+]}79                  093B10-C02
       P344  TE{w[+] rst[+]}54                  094A05-06
       P357  TE{w[+] rst[+]}234                 094A05-09
       P354  TE{w[+] rst[+]}190                 094B09-11
       P469  TE{w[+] rst[+]}264                 095A
       P238  TE{w[+] rst[+]}193                 095C05-09
       P541  TE{w[+] rst[+]}145                 096B03-06
       P200  TE{w[+] rst[+]}41                  096C03-05
       P538  TE{w[+] rst[+]}102                 096D
       P347  TE{w[+] rst[+]}137                 097D
       P356  TE{w[+] rst[+]}220                 097E07-11
       P198  TE{w[+] rst[+]}29                  098B
       P197  TE{w[a] rst[+]}89                  098F02-05
       P470  TE{w[+] rst[+]}266                 099A03-06
       P542  TE{w[+] rst[+]}305                 099E02-03
       P132  TE{w[+] rst[+]}25                  100A
       P349  TE{w[+] rst[+]}158                 100A
       P537  TE{w[+] rst[+]}84                  100D-E

--  Kathy

Kathy Matthews			Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology		MATTHEWK at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Indiana University              MATTHEWK at INDIANA.EDU    
Bloomington, IN  47405-6801     812-855-5782

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