Antisense transformants

Mark D. Garfinkel mg16 at
Fri Oct 27 16:59:05 EST 1995

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Helen Benes <hbenes at BIOMED.UAMS.EDU> wrote:
>Dear Jens,
>I followed your request for informationa on antisense transformants but only 
>got Mark Garfinkel's response on by e-mail subscription.

	It's the difference between post-to-newsgroup and reply-by-e-mail.
	I posted, other people replied.

	In most newsreader software, the former is done with the "f" or "F"
	key (for followup), and the latter is done with the "r" or "R" key
	(for reply). When in doubt, consult man pages, online help files,
	or one's computer system administrator.

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