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Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Wed Sep 6 12:19:54 EST 1995

> Does anybody know the E-mail address for requesting P insertions of the 
> Thanks a lot. 
> Jose Casal

This is from the Encyclopaedia of Drosophila Reference Manual, p. 26:

"Obtaining Materials"

.. stuff deleted..

". Obtaining P element lethal lines:"

.. stuff deleted..

"Some P lines that are listed on this CD-ROM that (sic) have not yet been 
sufficiently characterized to justify either placing them in the Stock
Center or discarding them.  If you wish to obtain one of these lines
send email to Allan Spradling for lines on the X and third chromosome
(spradling at and to Todd Laverty for lines on the second
chromosome (todd_laverty at"

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