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: Does anyone know if any work has been done in Drosophila using anti-sense 
: RNA constructs to supress or inhibit specific gene expression in transgenic 
: flies? And if so... whether these attempts have been successful? Any help 
: or references would be appreciated. I have found a lot of literature 
: where this approach has been successful in plants, but haven't found 
: anything on flies.

This is a follow-up to the message I posted yesterday. Many thanks to 
everyone who replied... seems there have been a few successes with 
anti-sense RNA use in Drosophila. A number of people asked me to share 
the references I received, so here they are:

       Rosenberg, U., Preiss, A., Seifert, E., Jackle, H. and Knipple, D.
(1985). Production of phenocopies by Kruppel antisense RNA injection into
Drosophila embryos. Nature 313: 703-706.


Look at the following reference:Jongens et al (1992)Cell, 70, 569-584.
Otherwise, lots of embryonic genes have been inactivated by antisense RNA
injections: bicoid, cactus , Krueppel, teashirt...


Here are a few references I got by searching the FlyBase
( genes file for the word "antisense".  This
should get you going.

Ferrandon et al., 1994, Cell 79(7): 1221--1232
Ruohola-Baker et al., 1993, Cell 73(5): 953--965
Cumberledge and Krasnow, 1993, Nature 363(6429): 549--552
Falb and Maniatis, 1992, Molec. Cell. Biol. 12: 4093--4103
Macdonald et al., 1993, Development 118(4): 1233--1243
Schmucker et al., 1992, Neuron 9: 1025--1039
Patel and Jacobs-Lorena, 1992, Dev. Genet. 13(4): 256--263
Rasmusson et al., 1993, Genetics 133(3): 605--622
Volk and VijayRaghavan, 1994, Development 120(1): 59--70


This one is interesting... same concept, but not using anti-sense RNA but 
rather, using a targetted ribozyme:

Zhao and Pick, 1993  Generating loss of function phenotypes of the fushi 
tarazu gene with a targetted ribozyme in Drosophila. Nature 365(6445): 


Again... thanks to everyone who responded!! :)


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