fly lines needed

philippe GEORGEL georgel at
Thu Sep 28 06:15:48 EST 1995

As assistant professor at the Louis Pasteur University (Strasbourg,
France), I'm building up some new practical courses of developmental
biology; I would like the students to look for the pattern of expression
of some interesting genes in Drosophila and I think that the easiest way
would be to do some X-gal staining of transgenic flies.
Therefore, I will greatly appreciate any help of people who could send
me some nice transgenic lines carrying some funny promoters (e.g. ftz,
en, twi, hb, ...) driving the beta-gal gene.
Thanks a lot for the students !
stocks could be sent at the following adress
Philippe GEORGEL
15 rue rene Descartes
67085 Strasbourg France

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