Wed Apr 10 19:37:36 EST 1996

To whom ever may be able to answer my question that keeps nagging at the back
of my mind.  I failed my fruit fly exam and now I would like to know some
specific aswers to my questions, if possible.
1) How does a particular environment affect the tecundity of the drosophila
2) Is the habitat of the drosophila important in reproduction?
3) If the habitat is important in reproduction and tecundity fitness, then if
it is varied, will this produce mutation, or variation?
4) Does fitness affect clutch size in drosophila?

I know that this is an awful amount of questions, but I would do anything to
find the answers to my questions.  Please, please, help me.  If you are unable
to process my request, I ask that you please advise me as to where I can
locate this inforamtion.  I am just a struggling college student.  I am at a
dead end in my searching.  Thank you so much.

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