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- > >we made a graphic codon bias analyzer (let's you spot coding ORF and
slip in
- > >the RF).

- > That sound rather useful!  Is it available over the net?  What platform
- > does it run on?

- it is a very useful tool.  It can work for any species, as long as you
find us 
- the codon bias table.  It is extremely easy to use (5 min. and you're
all set).
- The plots help you spot intron/exon borders (in coding regions), slipping in 
- the RF and also detect genes in the genome projects.
- It now runs on Unix, and we figured out a way to make it work indirectly on a 
- Mac, and our programmer is supposedly working on a WWW java version, but i

My husband wrote a similar program that works under Windows and will
construct codon usage tables if you give it coding sequences.  If you'd
like more information about it, send me email  at: leblanc at  and
I'll forward it to him.

Heidi LeBlanc

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