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Thu Aug 1 09:30:12 EST 1996

        Two postdoctoral positions:
        Drosophila immune reactions
        Stockholm University

Two positions are open to study the molecular mechanisms that trigger the
antibacterial defense in Drosophila. Approaches include molecular,
immunological and genetic screens for cell surface receptors, signal
molecules, transcription factors and other trans-acting factors, using
reporter gene fusions and inducible blood cells in tissue culture.
        The Arrhenius Laboratories of Stockholm University house five
interacting research groups involved in different aspects of innate
immunity, as well as several other molecularly and immunologically oriented
        The positions are for one year, with possible extension up to three
years. They are funded by a Scientific Prize from the Goran Gustafsson
Foundation for Research in Natural Sciences and Medicine.
        The candidate should have a strong background in genetics,
molecular biology or immunology. Send CV and two letters of recommendation
Dr. Dan Hultmark, Dept. of Developmental Biology, Stockholm University,
S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden.
E-mail: dan at
Fax: +46-8-16 15 70

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