tags for subcellular localisation in flies

Benedicte Sanson bs1 at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 5 13:39:45 EST 1996

I need to tag transmb constructs on the intracellular domain, and I 
want a good tag for doing westerns, immunoprecipitations and more 
importantly, look at the intracellular localisation of my constructs.
Does anybody know a tag that will work well for these kind of 
experiments? The tags that I can think of at the moment are Flu, Flag, 
HA, Strep and T7 (I would prefer not to use the myc-tag) they all seem 
to work well in vitro, but nobody around me knows about how they work 
for subcellular localisation in flies...
thanks in advance, 

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