Hsp70 expression in unknown larval gut structure

J. Rinehart rinehart at eosc.osshe.edu
Thu Aug 8 12:51:29 EST 1996

Martin E. Feder wrote:
> We are interested in Hsp70 expression in gut.  In attempting to
> localize Hsp70 expression, we discovered intense fluorescence in some
> midgut and hindgut structures.  Our knowledge of gut is too
> rudimentary for us to know whether these intensely fluorescing
> structures correspond to known cell types or organelles, or something
> else.  We've posted these images on a web page.  Can anyone tell us
> what these structures might be?

After looking at your photos I think that you are seeing the imaginal
component of the gut, that is, those cells that will form the adult gut
itself. These are scattered throughout the larval gut in the regions
that are giving you the brightest fluorescence. I am assuming the blue
photos are DAPI, HOECHST 33258 (bisbenzimide), our some other chromosome

J. Rinehart, EOSC

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