GFP copy no. in flies

Kevin Edwards kedwards at
Tue Aug 6 20:35:39 EST 1996

Using an HSP70-driven GFP fusion protein, we find that signal intensity
increases linearly with transgene copy number as you might expect.
However, insert location can have an even bigger effect. Best to test
several independent inserts of the transgene, then cross together and
homozygose the brightest ones.

Kevin Edwards
kedwards at

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halfonm at PANTHEON.YALE.EDU (Marc Halfon) wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone out there has a good sense of how much 
> difference copy number might make when expressing GFP in flies. Are 
> homozygotes significantly brighter than heterozygotes? Has anyone tried 
> multiple copies?  I'm especially interested in knowing about mid to late 
> embryonic stages.
> Thanks,
> Marc
> marc.halfon at

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