Incubators for Drosophila

Michael Murray mmurray at
Mon Aug 12 20:58:11 EST 1996

   Does anybody have any advice on what style of incubators are best for 
keeping Drosophila. We are mainly concerned with the problem of 
   We have a refrigerated incubator by Thermoline (Australia) that has a 
relative humidity of ~20% @ 25 deg. C. We are finding it a bit of a 
battle to stop our fly media (fruit based) from drying out. Apparently 
this type of incubator (i.e. basically just a converted refrigerator 
with a heater on top) is always going to be a bit dry due to the 
moisture in the circulating air condensing on the cool refrigerating 

For those of you in Australia any information of companies and brand 
names would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance for your help,

Michael Murray
mmurray at

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