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   Does anybody have any advice on what style of incubators are best for 
keeping Drosophila. We are mainly concerned with the problem of 
   We have a refrigerated incubator by Thermoline (Australia) that has a 
relative humidity of ~20% @ 25 deg. C. We are finding it a bit of a 
battle to stop our fly media (fruit based) from drying out. Apparently 
this type of incubator (i.e. basically just a converted refrigerator 
with a heater on top) is always going to be a bit dry due to the 
moisture in the circulating air condensing on the cool refrigerating 

For those of you in Australia any information of companies and brand 
names would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance for your help,

Michael Murray
mmurray at
We're not in Australia, but we sell both in the US and internationally.
Thanks for your inquiry about our incubators.

Our units use heating *or* cooling - not both, and the inside air
is circulated, but not with outside air, so, for example, Petri
dishes last a long time in there without drying out.

Basically, there are two models:
The base model either heats or cools (you set the mode manually).
It is perfect for all applications as long as the temperature you
are trying to achieve is always on one side of ambient temperature.

The "Smart Controller" model has a second thermostat that monitors
the ambient temperature and automatically switches between
heating and cooling modes when necessary.  For example, you need
this model to maintain 25C if on some days the lab is 20C and
other days it is 30C.

The base model is $499 and the Smart Controller Model is $649.

Here is the catalog description:
Tritech Research's energy efficient, digital, heating and cooling
incubator allows you to set your desired temperature in a matter
of seconds and maintain it with about 0.1C precision.  Our
electronic thermostat and thermoelectric pump replace the
traditional controllers, heating coils and Freon systems that
waste energy and take hours to calibrate for your experiments.

Our solid-state Temperature Control Module is precise within
0.1C up to 50C when heating, and down to 10C when
cooling.  The temperature probe is movable so that you can
control the temperature more accurately within a container if your
experiment demands it. 

Entirely insulated, our incubator has an internal fan to re-
circulate the inside air for even temperature distribution without
drying out your samples.  The 32 liter interior dimension
(16" x 14" x 21") can hold 100 100mm dishes, 400 60mm
dishes or 1000 35mm dishes.  You can figure out how many
fly vials that equals.

Great for temperature-shift experiments!

I would be happy to send you our full 1996 catalog, which includes
the DigiTherm Heating/Cooling Incubators.  The prices in there
are still valid.
If you would like a catalog, please e-mail me
with the address you would like it sent to.


If you have any questions, just ask.

Andy Papp
tritech_research at

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