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Graham Thomas gxt5 at PSU.EDU
Mon Aug 19 09:26:05 EST 1996

Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology in Drosophila

Applications are requested for a POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW position to study
cellular neurobiology using a multidisciplinary approach in the model
organism, Drosophila melanogaster (available January 1997).  Qualified
candidates should have a strong interest in electrophysiological analysis
of synaptic mechanisms as a complement to genetic and molecular
characterization of Drosophila neurological mutants.  While no
electrophysiology experience is required, manual dexterity and some
aptitude for working with computers and other electronic equipment are

Send curriculum vitae and reference information to: Dr. Richard Ordway,
Department of Biology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park,
PA 16802. Email: rwo4 at

Richard W. Ordway, Ph.D.
Biology, 417 Mueller Laboratory
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-5693
FAX: (814) 865-9131


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     Graham Thomas,
     Departments of Biology and Biochemisty/Molecular Biology,
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     Email     GXT5 at PSU.EDU
     Telephone (814)-863-0716
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