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Henry Krause h.krause at
Thu Aug 22 11:57:16 EST 1996

Two postdoctoral fellowship positions are available in the area of
Drosophila development. The first is in the area of homeodomain protein
function. More specifically we are interested in the identification and
study of proteins that interact with the homeodomain protein Fushi tarazu.
The second position will focus on the role of mRNA localization in wingless
signaling. Transcripts encoding this secreted signaling molecule are
subcellularly localized to the apical regions of polarized cells. For both
positions, experience in molecular biology will be necessary, and
experience with Drosophila a plus. Applications should be addressed to Dr.
Henry Krause at the address below. Please arrange to have letters of
support sent by three referees.

Dr. Henry M. Krause
Charles H. Best Institute
University of Toronto
112 College St., Toronto
Ontario, Canada, M5G 1L6

office: 416-978-8602
FAX: 978-3528
e-mail: h.krause at

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