detection of Gal4 P element

Fri Aug 23 12:31:18 EST 1996

Dear Drosophila community:

I tried to make recombinant chromosomes with some Gal4  lines.  In order to
identify the recombinant lines which have the Gal4 elements, I did PCR with
primers in the Gal4 coding sequence.  I had 3 Gal4 lines, and used two sets
of PCR primers. Both sets of PCR primers only work on 1 of the lines. All the
three lines can drive the UAS-lacZ expression. For one of the lines, I also
tried to do southern blot with part of GAl4 sequence, still I can not see any
signal.  I am really confused by the results. Are there different kinds of
Gal4 clones? The primers that I designed are based on the yeast gal4 sequence
from the genebank. 
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Qi Sun
sunq at

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