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Guy Tear g.tear at
Thu Aug 29 05:03:32 EST 1996


A postdoctoral position is available for two years, initially, with a
start date which can be as early as 1 Oct 1996.  Our research interest is
to identify the molecular mechanisms which guide axons to their targets in
the central nervous system.  A number of mutations have been isolated
which result in defects in the development of the CNS axon pathways
(Neuron 10 409). We are presently cloning a number of the genes identified
in this mutagenesis.  One of the genes we identified, commissureless, has
been cloned and revealed to encode a novel protein with an unusual
signalling mechanism whereby the protein is transferred from midline glia
to commissural neurons (Neuron 16 501).  We are currently investigating
how this transfer takes place and the nature of the signal it relays.

If you are interested in participating in these or similar projects please

Dr Guy Tear
Department of Biochemistry
Imperial College
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2AY
United Kingdom

FAX:  (44)  171  594 5207
email:   g.tear at

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